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Here at FON professional Cleaning services, we emphasize quality and customer satisfaction. You can be certain that your carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile cleaning & hardwood floor cleaning will be the best you have ever had. Everyone loves a freshly cleaned carpet no matter the style, size or texture of your carpet; FON professional Cleaning will take care of your cleaning needs.


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We are a Green company with a strong focus on environmental protection. All of our cleaners and solutions are ecologically safe for your children and animals. Our  high temperature steam cleaning equipment works amazingly well in all situations. We have the experience and training to take on any floor-cleaning scenario. And you can rest assured that we will do it right the first time.
Carpets are treated with non-toxic hypoallergenic cleaners that will leave your home smelling great and your floors looking brand new! Here at FON PRO- CLEANING, we take pride and effort in making every customer satisfied with the services that is provided from our company, If you are not completely satisfied with the carpet and upholstery cleaning services from FON PRO- CLEANING, we will return to your location at no charge or obligation to make things right. If you still not impressed or completely satisfied with our service, we will offer you a complete 100% refund.


Our Services

Expert Upholstery Cleaning

Most people don't realize how dirty their favourite sofa or chair is. After heavy use body oils build up on the fabric that can attract a host of dust, bacteria and grime.Different fibre types require different cleaning methods. That is why we always pre-test the furniture upholstery before taking action. We also make sure to do a thorough dry vacuuming to remove any dry particles before starting the deep hot water cleaning. Let us make your furniture look like new again.

Expert Pet Damage

When it comes to cleaning pet odour removal out of your carpet you need to make sure the cleaning is as deep as possible. Many times it takes more than just a surface cleaning to repair the damage. This means cleaning not only the carpet, but also the backing and the pad. It also is important to treat the affected area as soon as possible. Once the urine dries it becomes alkaline and is more difficult to remove. We use a special treatment system that will extract all urine and odour causing bacterial growth

Expert Rug Cleaning services

The area rug cleaning processes we use involve thorough and comprehensive stages.First rugs are separated based on being hand made or machine made. Handmade area rugs generally are more sensitive. Then we remove as much as possible dust from the rug. Rugs are then tested for color fastness. If the colors bleed we have to use special methods like dry cleaning or extraction to leave as least as possible water on the rug. We check to see if there are areas on the area rug more soiled or if stains on the rug. If yes we pre-treat the area. Please understand that some stains like some pet stains may not be removed as they have permanently changed the colors of the wool. If the rug smells and has pet odor we neutralize the odor. This will eliminate the odor. Rugs are then washed with different methods depending on the type, age color fastness, and thickness. In brief some methods we use include mostly complete soaking and submersion in water, which is the best way to clean, dry cleaning, jet spray and extraction. Fringes are treated separately to prevent damage. To protect your investment and for your rug to last generation after generation, call us to schedule a pick-up or for more information.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Our commercial carpet cleaning and other professional services ensure your company has its best foot forward. Your image nurtures a positive perception and affects your business. FON professional Cleaning services, Carpet Cleaning - Commercial Services understands this connection and provides quality, reliable commercial carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services to businesses helping you create a positive company image is FON professional Cleaning services does best.

FON professional Cleaning services works not only on many large scale, high end residential jobs but also on many large commercial jobs, such as Movie Theaters, Restaurants, Day cares, Offices etc.

Upholstery Cleaning

Our upholstery cleaning service will make your furniture, and the room that it occupies, look brand new again. Removing stains, soiling, dust mites, and allergens is a great way to refresh your living space. And, as with all of our cleaning services, it's completely safe for kids and pets.
Don't buy a new sofa or couch when we can clean your furniture for a fraction of the cost. Our upholstery cleaning is fast, quick, and extremely effective--that's why we have so many satisfied customers in Saskatoon and surrounding areas.
So give us a call, we offer Free Estimates by phone so there is nothing to lose. For a free estimate, give us a call today! 639 318 8801, 306 261 2079, 639 317 9433
*Also, don't forget to call our office for monthly deals on sofa cleaning, couch cleaning, and upholstery services!

Our upholstery cleaning service includes the following:

  • We use only the safest furniture cleaning techniques, using organic-based cleansers.
  • Our staff offers only the most personalized level of care.
  • We offer same day Service and will gladly schedule an appointment anytime to fit your needs.
  • All cleansers are safe for the environment, pets, and family members of all ages.
  • We will have your upholstery cleaned in no time, using our speedy drying process.
  • We remove the harmful allergens that are deeply embedded in your couch or sofa.

Our 10 Step Upholstery Cleaning Process

Mattress cleaning

Is your mattress making you sick and tired? It's entirely possible considering the toxins, allergens, and soil that Lurk beneath the surface of your bedding. We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so having your mattress Professionally deep cleaned can make a significant impact on your health.
But we can help restore your mattress back to like-new condition. That means ridding your bed of dust-mites, the Dead skin cells they feed on, and any other allergens or harmful organisms.
Our mattress cleaning service will also revive the way your mattress looks, removing even the most deeply Embedded stains and spots. Once finished, your mattress will look, smell, and feel just like the day it was Purchased. So, give us a call, we even offer a free estimate to help you make the right cleaning decision.

Tile and Grout cleaning

No more back breaking tile and grout cleaning with a scrub brush and detergent, FON professional Cleaners uses State of the art equipment to bring the original shine back to your tile and grout. The deep powerful grout cleaning Process extracts dirt and grime from surfaces leaving your floors looking clean and great.
FON professional Cleaners utilizes state of the art equipment, which cleans, sanitizes, and vacuums all in one pass. Unlike pressure washing, which nearly moves dirt, algae etc. around and can damage tile and grout. Our system uses Moderate pressure with water heated to 230 degrees, and a vacuum system with no moving parts to damage Surfaces. The vacuum sucks the dirt, mold, algae out of the surface and grout while killing all bacteria and fungus. Our tile and grout cleaning process is eco-friendly and makes your home or business look like new again.

Hardwood and smooth (vinyl, linoleum, laminate etc) Floor Cleaning

Do your hardwood and smooth floors appear rough, dirty, scratched with lack of shine? Probably it's time t0 Clean your hardwood floors and get them polished to restore them back to their close to original state. Depending on how busy your floors are, you should consider cleaning them 1-4 times per year for most Hardwood floors.
You want to keep your hardwood and Smooth floors clean and looking good. Like other types of flooring, Wood floors should be professionally cleaned and conditioned periodically. Even though you have tried To keep your hardwood floors Clean, free of scuff marks, and shining like new, a few dirty spots, and an occasional Scuffmark might just be there There are a lot of reasons that your wood floors become dirty and won't quite shine like new. For the entryways, The most abused Floors in your home; it's the dirt, sand, and moisture accumulation that wears on the floor. In other areas of your Home, normal traffic starts to show the signs of dulling. That's why it's recommended that your hardwood And smooth floors Be professionally cleaned and polish periodically. Our Hardwood and smooth Floor Cleaner is a unique product formulated to clean, polish, and protects all types Of hardwood and laminate floors. This will extend the life and improve the appearance of your wood floors. When you have FON PROFESSIONAL CLEANERS clean your floors, they'll be free of the dirt, grime, And scuffmarks and will Look like new.
Our multi-step process utilizes the latest technology in machinery and cleaning products. FON PROFESSIONAL CLEANERS takes the utmost care of your home. Once the area has been prepared, we use a three-step process to Clean, rinse and polish your hardwood floor.
Our machine's rotary brush and self-contained extraction system removes dirt and grime without making a mess. The cleaning process is then repeated with a neutralizer to restore the pH of the wood, as well as remove any Contaminates left on the floor. Finally, an application of a satin or gloss coating brings out the shine and beauty of your floors.


Sinikiwe Ngindi

FON-pro really delivered! They restored my carpets to look brand new again. They put me at ease and did not make me feel horrible about my kids' messes. FON-pro were attentive and very well priced for such great work! They made sure I was happy with their work before leaving. I am so glad I gave them a try! Highly recommended service. A++

Jan 01, 1970

Tara Mewis

We were so impressed with how incredibly thorough these guys were. They did such a great job on both floors of our home, spent a long time making sure every room was done properly, and were extremely nice and professional. They’re also cheaper than most out there. 5 stars.

Jan 01, 1970

Jenn M

Fabulous experience! The guys did a super job. We have two large dogs and we didn't realize how dirty the carpets were until we got them cleaned - they look like new! Very professional and we highly recommend! Will definitely use again in the future.

Jan 01, 1970


Great guys Chris and Michael very professional and knowledgeable they did an excellent job of cleaning my gross carpets made them look amazing. Reasonable prices, quick response and was able to schedule me in quickly. I highly recommend this company for capet cleaning! Thank you from Nicole

Jan 01, 1970

C Rose

Used FON pro-carpet to clean my rental property. They surpassed my expectations and left the carpet looking stunning. Chris and Emeka were friendly and professional I will recommend them to anyone looking to get their carpets cleaned

Jun 16, 2024

Melissa Goin

Excellent service and workmanship... I am grateful and well pleased especially with also the affordability

Jan 01, 1970



2 AREAScall for price
3 AREAScall for price
4 AREAScall for price
5 AREAScall for price
6 AREAScall for price
1 AREA + Hallway$80
Pet Odor Enzyme$40 per Area
Each additional area$50
One staircase up to (13 stairs) is equal to one area
Living room/Dinning room combos and areas over 200 sq. ft. are equal to 2 areas


2 AREAS$100 and up
Love seat$80 and up
Sectional$150 and up
(Depending on fabric and condition)
Recliner$50 and up
Dinning Chairs$40 and up
Single Sitting chairs$60 and up
Ottomans$40 and up


Hardwood and smooth surface (vinyl, linoleum, laminate etc) cleaning$0.80per Sq. Ft.


Tile and grout cleaning$0.99 per Sq. Ft.
Queen/King$100 and up
One staircase up to (13 stairs) is equal to one area
Living room/Dinning room combos and areas over 200 sq. ft. are equal to 2 areas

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